Monday, May 16, 2011

Not a Sister Wife

Larisa Rose, in “Sugar, Spice, and the Disposing of Mice,” discusses gender roles and stereotypes, and explains why she would not want a polygynous marriage…

You’d think that polygamy, then, would multiply the benefits. But have you seen Sister Wives? The benefits of group love definitely seem to be outweighed by jealousy. It gives me the heebie-jeebies to share a toilet with multiple people— sharing a penis is out of the question.

Most people who have seen the show report the opposite impression; the benefits outweigh the jealousy, at least in the Brown family. But then, consider the tone of Rose’s essay, which includes…

I know many women consider the ability to bear children a privilege, or even a miracle, but that’s one job I Do. Not. Want. First of all, it sounds painful and exhausting. Secondly, now that we’re Modern Women Who Can Have It All, we’re expected to bounce back, rebuild our bangin’ bods and become MILFs after giving birth.

Most women spend their entire postpubescent lives waging a battle of bulges, cutting calories, hitting the gym and squeezing into Spanx in an effort to control their dangerous curves. Pregnancy requires that a woman surrender her waistline to her growing child’s need for elbow room. It’s a perfectly reasonable sacrifice to give up your bikini belly for a new life, but I’d feel like I had to Zumba out of the delivery room for fear of not earning my yummy-mummy badge.

Isn’t it great that women can choose whether or not they will be giving birth? Wouldn’t it be great if they could also choose the marriage that is best for them, if they want to marry at all?
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