Monday, May 2, 2011

Sister Births Brother’s Child in India

From Ahmedabad, India comes this report about a young woman in Jamnagar

In a one-of-its-kind incident, a 17-year-old girl gave birth to a child after being impregnated by her 15-year-old brother.

This is clearly not the only time this has happened in history.

The conceiving was the result of a maiden act of copulation between the siblings.

That line doesn’t make sense with what is written in the rest of the article. Sounds to me like this had been going on for months.

The shocking incident saw the teenaged girl deliver a baby boy on Thursday morning in Sir GG hospital in Jamnagar. Both, the mother and son's condition is said to be stable.

That’s good.

As the girl, who came to the hospital with her parents, was not only unmarried but also a minor, the hospital authorities thought it prudent to inform the police about the issue.

Sure, depending on the age of consent laws.

According to the police, the indiscretion took place a year ago when the brother-sister duo ended up having sexual intercourse while watching a late night movie at home.

Okay, well, if the child was just born, then the child was not conceived a full year ago. Or am I forgetting some new revelation in biology or prenatal care? Perhaps the cosanguinamorous relationship began a full a year ago?

Confirming the development, Subhash Trivedi, superintendent of Jamnagar police, informed DNA that, "the act occurred between the 17-year-old girl and her younger brother. However, we cannot take any legal action as consensual sex, by a girl above 16 years of age, is not a crime."

Why then, did the hospital contact the authorities?

The police have lodged a formal entry using information provided by the hospital authorities.


"We have taken the statement of the girl. She said she and her younger brother committed incest while watching a movie at home," said GA Sarvaiya, police inspector of A division police station.

Sounds like a date.

Meanwhile, Dr Nilesh Gadhvi, head of the gynaecology department of the hospital told DNA that, "the girl was brought to the hospital late night on Wednesday. The attending doctors found that she was eight months pregnant. The parents were unaware as the girl had not disclosed anything about the pregnancy. She has no complaint against anyone.

I don’t know what the new mother’s life is like. Some her age are focused on getting married and having children, but I would tell Americans her age they should be focusing on education, career, and learning themselves in their youth before marrying and starting a family. If she and her brother are in love, and ready to raise this child together, they should be allowed to marry, if that’s what they want. Perhaps they could live with their parents for a while?
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  1. Yes. If she and her brother in love and agree to accept each other as husband and wife For the future of baby they should get married.

  2. Well it is an accident of lust and should be forgotten.They both should forget and start life afresh .The child can be jointly brought up or by grand parents.Their life is also important,they should be given a second chance and allowed to start life afresh.
    However,if they think they really love and want to live like husband and wife than it this their life and preferences.

  3. it's a hell........and hell is always painful....

  4. Its very shameful parents must be peep her child's activity. when child's become teenage must be sleep separate. this incident is responsibility of parents.
    Mom don't know her daughter id pregnant why she not see what's her physical situation ?
    Her parents know about incident but they silent and until daughter birth..a baby boy.
    How can its possible daughter pregnant but her parents not known about pregnancy or her physically situation but i think her generation is increase.

  5. Now a days its being common on family. Its coming on news. Dont known once day it may be a normal incidence as boy friend and girl friend or lover doing.

  6. I think they get married

    1. They get married? who?

  7. Incest is not a crime in India according their laws.

  8. Will it be a legal marriage and society will approve it?

  9. Incest sex between siblings is not bad but not its not good either. I had relationship with my elder sister when we were unmarried and we were living in a hostel. But there should be peopler use of contraceptives and it should be kept secret. We didn't disclose it to anyone till today and we always made promises to each other every time this is the last time. But almost once a week we were use to break our own promise due to our desire of sex. we kept safe use of contraceptives. But after completing our studies when we came home and she got engaged with other guy she known him as her friends since many years. We suddenly stopped and and we never discusses about it ever. Except after my marriage once she she asked me jokingly that am i getting enough ? we laughed little and forgot. Now we are happy in our families. So its ok for siblings in case if they like to do it but getting pregnant or getting married is not a good idea. But in this case they can at least live together and see how it goes and then may be marry her


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