Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Half Siblings Have Meddling Relatives

Annalisa Barbieri at The Guardian fielded a letter of interest to supporters of full marriage equality. DJ wrote…

Our granddaughter is 24. There is some evidence that she is having sexual relations with her half-brother, who is 21.

That would make them both adults. This is none of the grandparent’s business, unless this becomes a marital situation. Then the grandparents may be invited to the wedding, provided they will not be hostile.

Our granddaughter was brought up by her mother, who did not allow her ever to meet or know her biological father. At sometime in the last year our granddaughter made contact with him and his family. Our granddaughter has made friends with all of them, but it appears that she has made a close sexual relationship with the 21-year-old.

Sounds like it could be Genetic Sexual Attraction.

Also the son's father, whom we have not seen for 20 years, contacted us because he is worried himself and has found emails from our granddaughter to his son that indicate this relationship is happening.

There shouldn’t be concern, other than concern that they may be bullied by bigots. Have the concerned family members read this.

We are aware that incest is against the law and all cultural and moral codes.

It is against some cultural codes in some places. It isn’t illegal everywhere. There isn’t a good reason why it should continue to be illegal, nor to deny this couple the freedom to marry, if that’s what they choose. In Sweden, half-siblings can marry.

We wish to find a way to proceed that will keep them both safe from any harm to themselves or their future careers.

Then support them, and stand up for full marriage equality.

The response…

I spoke to Robert Brown, a criminal lawyer and partner at Corker Binning, who confirmed that sex between a half-brother and sister is a prohibited adult sexual relationship, under section 64 of the Sexual Offences Act (2003).


Brown concluded: "From the limited facts available, I have to be cautious in my advice. But it would appear that there is little to suggest that this is not a caring and loving relationship between healthy adults. If so, and I were their lawyer, I would certainly make representations to the [Crown Prosecution Service] to the effect that this is not a case in which the public interest could only be met by the couple being charged and taken to court. It is impossible to predict whether the CPS would agree. If both individuals had admitted the incest, were of good character and the relationship was not in any way 'unhealthy', then the CPS may agree not to prosecute, but I think it would insist on both individuals being cautioned."

It should not be the government’s business in the first place.

Finally, I must point out that accessing someone else's email without permission could amount to an offence under the Computer Misuse Act.

There’s a real crime, one with actual victims.

When someone finds love, we should be happy for them, not looking for ways to break them up.
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