Saturday, May 7, 2011

Much More Good Than Harm

At Answerbag, someone asked, “Is incest ALWAYS harmful?”

Certainly not; consensual incest (consanguineous sex) is rarely harmful, in an of itself.

Just curious if others think that, at least to some extent, guilty feelings about incestuous relationships is taught rather than instinctive.

They are mostly taught. Someone might not have an attraction to, or regard for, any of their family members, and such people would naturally feel guilty if they lead someone else on, but the same can be said about sex in general. Guilty feelings about caring, consensual sex are taught.

Certainly, there ARE abusive incestuous relationships and we DO NOT condone such activity.

I don’t condone any abusive relationship.

But does incestuous sex HAVE to be "damaging" to either party involved?

Consensual consanguineous sex is usually not damaging, especially if you don’t consider bigoted attitudes by outsiders and harmful laws.

troubled_senario answered…

Incest is becoming more accepted just as gay lifestyle is now acceptable.

There isn’t really a gay lifestyle. Gays and lesbians are diverse, just like the hetero population; the only thing they have in common is they are attracted to the same gender as themselves.

It is seldom harmful if not forced on the family member no more than any other sexual contact with no relationship.

Some consanguineous sex is part of lasting consanguinamorous relationship.

I know of a number of incestuous families and all members seem to be happy and well adjusted. No damage evident anywhere.

Thank you. Me too.


i've had several incest experimentations, mom, sis, aunt and brother. i don't think they effected me personally. i'm married now with 3 kids. what it did do was open my eyes to different sexual experiences. i guess it didn't cause harm cause it wasn't violent or forced


There is nothing wrong with it. Mother/son sex has a 70% positive outcome. Sibling sex has an almost 100% positive outcome and Father/Daughter is rated at about 20% but researchers believe the results are skewed because the daughter feel she will be condemned by society harsher. The beliefe it is at least 40% positive and most likely over 50%

I’d like to know the source of those statistics.

See the recently added page that deals with the negatives and benefits of consanguineous sex.
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  1. Incest is fine, when it's not abusive. It can be a wonderful thing. Too many people hear about incest in some negative fashion, such as a parent abusing a young child. Not enough people hear about people that love each other deeply and intimately even though they are related. It's such a shame that those who have a good incest relationship must hide it from the world.


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