Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Patrick Stuebing and Family Back in the News

German man Patrick Stuebing is back in the news, rightly pointing out that his rights were violated.

An incest dad who was jailed after he fathered four children with his sister is demanding compensation claiming his three year sentence was a breach of his human rights.

Patrick Stuebing, 34, from Leipzig, Germany, and his sister Susan sued the German government seeking 35,000 GBP compensation for the conviction under incest laws.

Now the European Court of Human Rights is to announce its verdict this week on the case which could affect similar laws in Britain and across the EU.

The court should defend the rights of adults to love, sex, and marriage with any consenting adults.

Three of the couple's children have been taken into care by local social services and are now with foster parents.

The couple say they fell in love when they met for the first time as adults after locksmith Patrick - who had been adopted as a child - got back in contact with his real family.

Susan, 24, explained: "I hope this law will be overturned I just want to live with my family, and be left alone by the authorities and by the courts."

This consanguinamorous pair should be allowed to be together, to marry, and to raise their children. They should not be bullied.

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  1. They have my full support! Just saw a documentary on their case and it brought me to tears. It may not be 'accepted' by society or appropriate (particularly in the case of having children), but it disgusts me that they should be bullied and abused because they are in love. They are great parents and beautiful people so let them live their lives how they please!


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