Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Siblings Play Doctor

Someone found this blog searching for "husband used to play doctor with sister.” I can understand why a current partner, especially a spouse, would be concerned about their partner’s past experiences with consanguineous sex. After all, some people have difficulty accepting that their partner has any past at all, let alone that they are still in contact with someone from that past.

Most likely, there is nothing for this person to worry about. Siblings “playing doctor” is a very common thing. Actual sexual experimentation and exploration between siblings is common through puberty and beyond. If someone didn’t have a sibling, or didn’t play doctor (or any other number of games) with their sibling (or has forgotten they did), they might be concerned, but they shouldn’t be.

In some cases, siblings mature and do continue to “fool around” with each other, or even have ongoing erotic relationships. There are the rare cases in which they marry other people and keep those people in the dark as they continue on with each other, but those cases are very rare. (They would be even less rare if consanguinamorous people had the freedom to marry.)

Chances are, there’s nothing for this wife (or husband, if this is a same-sex marriage) to worry about. If she married a good man, they have open communication about their boundaries, and they are having sex regularly, it is unlikely he is having sex with anyone behind her back. There is certainly nothing wrong about him or his relationship with his sister based on the fact that they played doctor.
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