Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Law, Order, and Equality

The once-mighty “Law & Order” TV franchise could be winding down. Some more versions are going away, and the “Special Victims Unit,” although it could gain talent from the loss of the others to perhaps scare away some the sharks it has been attracting, will suffer from the departure of Christopher Meloni.

I have previously suggested that the powers behind the show should do some positive portrayals of consanguinamory. Maybe this is an indication that now is the time. If they’re going to go off the air in a year or two, why not do so in a blaze of glory? Increase the positive and educational portrayals of LGBT people and same-sex relationships, and get in some of poly people and polyamory, and consanguinamorous people and consanguinamory. Throw in more interracial and intergenerational relationships to really send the uptight and the bigoted over the edge. Who knows? It just might boost viewership, and I’m sure there are some advertisers willing to take the heat to support equality.

“Sister Wives” is making a difference, and I’m sure “SVU” has, too, but it can make even more of a difference.
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