Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Making of an Ally

Cronos explains how he came to accept that it is fine for people to enjoy consanguinamory (incest). It happened while he was attending a university and shared an apartment with a female student with whom he had previously befriended.

I had an off-campus apartment and she sublet the other bedroom as my roommates had gone home for the summer.

My biggest challenge at the time came when her younger brother came to stay with us for a week for an open house at the university to see if he liked the school. My roommates had 2 beds in the master bedroom so he stayed with her there. One day, early in the week, my workout class was cut short due to A/C failure at the gym so I caught the off-campus shuttle and went home. The bus stop was placed such that it was easier to cut through the back of the apartment complex. Our ground-floor apartment had a huge privacy fence but the trees made it easier to hop. I dropped down onto our patio and there, through the glass sliding doors, I saw my friend riding her brother on the couch. It was a moment where my mind had trouble registering what I was seeing. It also took them a moment to register the sound/movement when I dropped down.

Did he scream? Did he call them names? Did he call the police? No, they all handled it like mature adults. Imagine that!

We stared for a moment. I was flabbergasted and in shock. They were petrified. Then things started moving again. Her brother grabbed his clothes and went into the other room. She grabbed her robe and came to talk to me. I remember being aroused by what I saw. I remember focusing on telling myself that she is my friend and my loyalty is to her first. I also remember what bothered me was how I was feeling was conflicting with the intellectual conclusions I'd had reached over the course of my life to that point. That really bothered me. It made me realized I'd still retained a lot of the conditioning society culturally instills about incest.

She and I talked very sincerely for a long time. I learned everything about her sexual past and I even got a chance to talk with her brother about his point of view. It wasn't an epiphany, but it felt very close to one. It helped me solidify a lot of my current beliefs. Needless to say, I faced some of my own prejudices that day and throughout the week. I assured them I was ok with it and they were grateful and much more comfortable around me. Not to say they flaunted it at all. I would knock before coming home (using the front door from then on), etc. Mostly just common courtesies. With my blessing, they were less worried about noise at night in their bedroom and I could sometimes hear them through the common wall. Yes, it was arousing to me and I did get off listening.

It was a life-changing experience and I'm glad it happened. It seems to have changed the course of my life and my thinking just a bit further.

Good for cronos for finding enjoyment in love shared by others, rather than interfering in their happiness. And good for them for making him an ally.
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  1. Wonderful. I'm glad to know there are people like that out there, people who realize incest is fine as long as everyone involved enjoys it.


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