Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Personal Experiences

Someone asked at Yahoo Answers, “What are the consequences of consensual incest?”

Everyone goes eeewww.... when they hear the word incest, and incestuous couples often become social outcasts.

Not everyone goes “ewww.” Some shrug their shoulders, others get excited.

Okay, then I see something wrong with incest, IF A CHILD IS BORN. (Inbreeding)

Discredited Argument #18. This is not a reason to deny the freedom to consanguinamory.

But incest is not the same thing as inbreeding. Having sex and having children are not necessarily the same thing.

You have that right.

So if there are no physical consequences, what's wrong with having sex with a family member?

Nothing, as long as cheating is not involved.

Might there be some other consequences?

Lots of fun, and possibly more love.

Here’s a response…

When i was younger, my sister and I used to play doctor...we'd both take our clothes off and look at each other naked, explore each other and eventually we tried having sex. We both started to feel like what we were doing was wrong and stopped. A few years later once we had both developed a little more, we got curious again and we ended up having one crazy sex session. Seeing as she was now old enough to get knocked up, we both realized that what we were doing was wrong and vowed never to do it again.

Apparently they were unaware of contraception, or perhaps it was that they were unable to get it without their parents finding out.

Another response…

yeah basically me and my twin we are both in love with each other(my other twin is a girl and i'm a guy) no one in our family gets gross out with this even our friends don't have a clue that were dating and there is a lot of hidden information in the history that they don't want to explain but for me this doesn't feel wrong i know a person that is married to there own siblings and no the kids they have now are not deformed they look fine to me last time i saw them and they were perfectly normal.

Another response…

As horrible as it mite sound 2 ppl i just found out that my real parents r bro n sis. im adopted btw. Im not messed up or physically damaged actually i get a lot of guys that ask me out. And im the top of my class cuz i get all A s.

they grew up w 4 of them in the house n parents not around much. ppl think its gross. i dont see why. i turned out fine and i dont judge ppl like that ne more.

The consequences of consanguineous sex are much the same as any other sex. The differences are positive in that it is sex with someone you already love and care about and who loves and cares about you, and can be especially enjoyable due to a special bond. Usually, you already know each other well. The negative consequences are externally imposed rather than inherent: prejudice, persecution, prosecution.
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