Friday, May 6, 2011

Addressing Some Concerns of Polygyny

In “Polygamy, A Woe Or a Blessing? A Male View,” Mohammed Hashem writes of Muslim polygyny…

I believe that polygamy brings with it minimal concerns and in saying that, I suggest consistent planning, and the rejection of any negative external forces intruding in on the families’ life. It is better to remain determined, and follow a stable agenda, which will in turn allow the souls of the individuals to connect as one.

In saying that, let us not lose sight in identifying some of the problems that polygamy could present; there is the religious legality of the marriage and there is the unfortunate misuse of this right by some men.

Among those, he lists…

Mistrust from the one of the wives, who believes love cannot be shared

The agony of the jealously among co-wives, which sometimes conveys negative messages to the children.

Careless heads of family who are eager for polygamy, but have no real commitment and responsibility to sustain it.

External forces, like friends and advisers who take sides to fuel any misunderstanding within the family

Of course, this blog supports full marriage equality, which includes the polygygnous freedom to marry, but also the polyandrous freedom to marry and other forms of polygamy, regardless of religion. Full marriage equality also carries with it gender equality and the freedom to divorce.
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