Thursday, May 5, 2011

Couple Discovers They Are Half Siblings

Finding love with someone who is a right for us is not an easy thing to do. Dating casually is one thing, but when you’re looking for lasting love… to share a life with someone, the truly good matches are not so plentiful. That’s one of many reasons why consanguinamorous couples should not be torn apart by outsiders.

Consider the case of Saybartooth, who wrote at about a relationship she had with a man who, they discovered while already together, that they was her half-brother.

I'd had my eye on him for a couple of years before we got together. If you had seen my checklist of "the perfect man" when I was younger you would have seen he checked every box on that list. Yes, there were defiantly intense emotions between us both. We would have only been together for half a year before we decided we'd have children together and start our lives with one another.

But then they discovered they had reason to believe they were half-siblings.

We waited a long time for the DNA results. And it took us even longer to make our decision and in the end we parted and he moved interstate. I've held onto this a long time now, and he decided to cut the contact. I've tried to contact him since, though he has made it clear (very rudely) that he wants nothing to do with me, or anyone else in both our families.

It's very hard, especially being in such a small town as I cannot speak to anyone about it in fear that word gets out. For all THEY know, we split up due to him moving and I just 'wasn't ready to leave'. I've had many flings and relationships since and am currently in a relationship that I beleive - and hope - may last some time. But even now, I do not feel happy. I've somehow managed to force myself to beleive that no one is as great as he. No one is as good looking, no one is as talented, and most of all, no one can make me feel and love the way he did.

It sounds to me like they would still be togther if it hadn’t been for bigoted laws and attitudes towards consanguinamory. How sad.
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  1. I agree! We have been brainwashed for many years into how terrible this all is. I admit i have troubles too. but for no reason and it doesn't make sense to me and i truly disagree with it. Love is amazing, beautiful, why hate?? That's what this world is turning to these days.
    Its too bad he had to turn away so suddenly and rudely. there relationship sounded beautiful. :(

    Pro love!


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