Monday, May 16, 2011

Hostility Towards Grandfather-Granddaughter Couple

I think this story is out of India. Perhaps something was lost in translation, or the article simply doesn’t have enough information.

A case of incestuous relation, 53year old man, who is related as a grandfather, has reportedly gone hiding along with a 33-year maiden.

How could he have become a grandfather at age 20? My guess is he didn’t, and rather is or was married to the woman’s grandmother, who would be older. Or perhaps the ages listed are wrong, but you’d think the news source would have caught that. It is also a possibility, I suppose, that the man’s daughter or son married an older spouse who already had this daughter. Either way, I’m thinking they are related through a marriage, not by blood.

Denouncing such relationship, which is considered to be against social mores, the local residents have decided to banish the couple from the locality.

Where’s the love?

Father of the missing maiden has lodged a complaint with the local club (United Pioneer Club) in this regard.

Local club? Poker club? Dance club? Service club?

Based on the testimonials of some eyewitnesses who saw them (grandfather and granddaughter) going together, the volunteers of the Club served an ultimatum to the family members of Ibomcha for producing the missing incestuous couple within May 11 .

As the missing incestuous couple could not be produced even after expiry of the deadline, a meeting of the locality has decided to banish them from the locality and taken up strong action against anyone found sheltering them, sports secretary of the Club RK Manisana has informed.

Sports secretary? The couple must have quite the sex life if this falls under “sports.” Seriously, I hope the couple is allowed their happiness.
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  1. I would like to see an unbiased discussion of the ethical issues involved in grandfather/grandaughter mutual erotic atttaction and expression. With the ready availability of contraception, the fear of consanguinous offspring being possible is set aside. The likely negative reaction from other family members is still a very serious issue as is that of friends, etc. If the granddaughter is at or above the age of consent, the "between consenting adults" rule s h o u l d reign, but the many negative consequences would seem to outweigh the "reward."


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