Friday, May 20, 2011

His Mother Arouses Him

Vaish Navi made a plea at Yahoo Answers, which seems to have many good discussions erased by the powers that be…

Help me from mom incest thoughts?

i have incest thoughts about my mom somtimes.. cause i saw her newly nowadays.. frm d childhood i wasnt stay with my mom..i stayed in for schooling and came home now for higher studies.. her acts towards me makes me horny coz her casual behaviour to me as a son was also new to me..lik touching and kissing me.. wat can i do to avoid those thoughts.

The way I read this is that he essentually was raised apart from his mother, and now one or both of them may be experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction, or he is experiencing enough attraction or such little recognition of her as a mothering figure that her actions arouse him. Her touching and kissing could be entirely motherly in her mind, or maybe something more. He ends his plea asking for what he can do to avoid sexual thoughts towards his mother.

I have to wonder if he is simply feeling conflicted because of laws or prejudice against consanguinamory. Either he doesn’t want to entertain such thoughts, or he does but feels conflicted. Either way, prejudice against consanguinamory is part of the problem, because it makes it more difficult for him to sort through his feelings.

There were a few responses.


Well it is normal for a young boy to have thoughts like that for his mom. There are studies that have proven that a young man can be physically attracted to his mom with out it being weird. It will pass sooner or later.

Sounds like he is an adult now. It may or may not pass.


Nothing...I hesitate to say it is "normal" it just isn't as uncommon as you might think.

Just tell her you aren't "comfortable" with the touching and kissing.You don't have to tell her HOW it makes you uncomfortable, just that it does.

As time passes and you are more familiar with her in a motherly role hopefully these feelings will pass. If not then you may want to talk to a counselor

If they have genuine attraction to each other, they may want to explore that; it could be beneficial to do so.

Sadly, the responses disparaged the idea of consanguinamory.

Someone who finds themselves in this or similar situations should think about why they are feeling conflicted. Depending on someone’s place in life, there are some good reasons to avoid certain relationships or sex with certain people. But there are scenarios where a young man in this situation should consider exploring this further and not allow the prejudice of others or unjust laws to interfere.
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