Monday, May 2, 2011

Treating Others Well

Someone who is a little hostile asked a question...

Listen up all you people who write/read or all together love incestuous stories.

What would you do if you knew someone in a mutual incestuous relationship in real life?

This isn’t a hypothetical for me.

For me, there are two things that make this different from the same question with the word “incestuous” removed.

We all know relationships where the individuals are obviously well suited to each other, and others where they are not at all right for each other. In the latter case, how often do such people listen to outsiders? Not every often. They have to discover it on their own. But I’m assuming the question is really about the former.

So getting back to the two things. First and foremost, I would honor their desires. If they want to remain in the closet because they don’t want to face the hatred and prejudice and prosecution directed against consanguineous or consanguinamorous relationships, then I support them in that. The other thing is that I would admire the intensity of their love. This is a common element of such relationships.

Would you still respect the person as any other normal human being?

Of course.

Would you treat them like a 'gay' person and stand up for their rights?

Some involved in consanguineous sex are LGBT, some aren’t. Everyone deserves their rights, and should only be denied in some cases where they violate another person’s right.

Because there's a whole lot of crap about gay rights yet I don't think I've seen a person stand up for incest.

Crap? Being able to be oneself without living in fear is not crap. As far as standing up for the right to consanguineous sex, I’m waving my hand in the air.

Some allies checked in…

I'd never do it with any of my relatives, but if they're two consenting adults and no one's trying to take advantage of the other, let them be.

There were also bigots…

I think i'd be freaked out and probably call them all sorts of names and spread the news and in general just think that they're extremely creepy.

If I were friends with them, I can imagine myself trying not to be to close to them physically, because I'd fear something strange would rub off on me :s

Sounds like that person might be suppressing something.

The original question seems to be based on the fact that fiction depicting consanguineous sex is very popular, but people do not publicly speak their support for those enjoying consanguinamory. The writing and reading of the fiction is likely based on desires the writers and audience have. Expressing those desires publicly, given the bigotry and prejudice that is still directed at consanguinamorous people is another matter. Not everyone who enjoys reading or writing about something would do such things in real life, of course. But the high popularity of this topic indicates such desires are more common than generally presented.
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