Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Unicorn

While I’m dreaming of things I’d like to see on network television, permit me this dream that has less of a chance of happening than a Donald Trump Presidency.

So here in the states, we’ve kicked off another season of the matchmaking show, “The Bachelorette.” Here’s how it goes. An unmarried and supposedly available white woman goes on a bunch of dates with a bunch of unmarried and supposedly available white men (the season opener starts with a couple dozen.) Mind you, these dates always have cameras, microphones, bright lights, and production staff surrounding the participants. But over the course of mere weeks, thanks to these “dates” (and producer coaching), the number of men is whittled down to two, and then the woman chooses one, and they become a supposedly monogamous couple and live happily ever after. Only, most of these “couples” from this series (and the "The Bachelor," which is the same thing with one man and multiple women) don’t last very long.

Hey, but that’s okay. We’ll still pretend that it is a perfect monogamist fairy tale, even though there group dates and such and it is often implied that the star gets intimate with more than one of the prospects before choosing a partner from the finalists.

Anyway, I digressed. Here is what I’d like to see...

“The Unicorn”

I’d like to see the same premise used in “The Bachelorette” centered around a polyamorous male-female couple that is looking for a unicorn; a bisexual female to join their relationship. They could try to find a suitable unicorn for them (which, of course, means they are right for the unicorn, too) from a couple dozen legitimate candidates.

This show would be fascinating to a large audience, though I doubt ABC would ever touch it. It would be hard enough to get a cable network to do it. But then, I might have thought that same thing about “Sister Wives” a couple of years ago.

Of course, the candidates (and the couple) would be outing themselves to an international audience, and thus could risk all kinds of bullying. They could get fired from their jobs or worse. It's outrageous, but true. I'm happy to see shows like "Sister Wives" and other programming and news reports where people are willing to come out and change minds, but I understand those who do not want to risk it.
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