Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adults on Trial For Consensual Sex in New Zealand

In New Zealand, a woman is now on trial for the “crime” of incest, as is her father. Since they are both on trial, who is the victim?

The pair allegedly had a sexual relationship for more than 10 years.

This sounds like love.

They met when she was almost 30 and he was in his late 40s and living in Britain.

So what is the problem? They’re consenting adults.

On the first day of the couple's trial at the Auckland District Court on Tuesday, Crown prosecutor Scott McColgan said, though they were consenting adults, if they had a sexual relationship it was “incestuous”.

I’m not familiar enough with how things work for Crown prosecutors. Did McColgan have a choice in whether or not to prosecute? Or was this someone else’s decision? The person responsible should take a look in the mirror and ask themselves why they are interfering in someone else’s love life.

He said after she tracked the man down she spent three weeks with him. When she returned to New Zealand she split with her husband then moved back to Britain.

While being divorced by her may have been painful, at least she didn’t string her husband along, which is to her credit.

She and the accused man ventually returned to New Zealand and lived in the house where the woman had lived with her husband and children.

McColgan said they appeared to be “besotted with each other”.

So why not leave them be?

After a complaint was made to police, officers searched their bedroom and found sex toys and pornography.

Who complained? Her ex? Why is it relevant that “sex toys and pornography” were found in an adult's bedroom? Is this article written by someone who has a problem with sexuality in general?

The woman's mother told the court her daughter changed “overnight” when the man arrived on the scene.

Sounds like it could be a case of Genetic Sexual Attraction.

At her daughter's 30th birthday party the man allegedly told her he wondered what it would be like to have both mother and daughter as the three danced. She was shocked by the comment.

A few months later she confronted the woman about the “unnatural” relationship.

So maybe the woman’s mother turned them in, which she could have done out of spite or jealousy. Sad.

An adult should be free to pursue their rights to love, sex, and marriage with any consenting adults. Drop the charges against these two. Let them live their lives.
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