Monday, August 15, 2011

Leave Brooke Hogan Alone

Here we area again, with someone questioning whether famous adults have an “incestuous” relationship. This time, it Brooke Hogan and her father. As reported in The Sun

The star was forced to defend her bond with the ex-wrestler on Twitter following suggestions there was something sick about her closeness with her father.

The snide rumours were fuelled by Brooke taking her dad to the unveiling of a series of shots of her modelling naked for animal rights charity PETA.

Hulk, real name Terry Gene Bollea, had pretended to be embarrassed by the black-and-white snaps of his daughter writhing around naked in a cage last Thursday.

Mind you, or many years, he put his own body on display wearing nothing more than skimpy tights and boots. And don’t these gossips realize that there are many naturists who hang out in the buff with family members? Are they criticizing all of them, too?

In 2008, Hulk drew criticism after being snapped applying sunscreen to his daughter's backside.

The Hogans may or may not have a “sick” relationship. I don’t know; I don’t know them, nor have I communicated with them. But there’s nothing wrong with him seeing her in this PETA campaign, nor should anyone have a problem with them being affectionate, seeing each other nude, or even consanguinamorous. They are adults. Consanguinamory is not sick. Abuse is sick.

I have written about these sorts of things here, here, and here.
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  1. When the media cannot discover a genuine scandal to sensationalize it will seek to invent one.


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