Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mother and Son Affectionate, Bigots Freak Out

The gossip media is abuzz talking about supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her 18-year-old son Peter Brant II. Why? There are pictures of them enjoying some time together (with others) in the surf, including pictures of them embracing, kissing, holding hands. In some of the pictures, Brant’s hand is on the side of his mother’s swimsuit-clad breast as they hug. There is also speculation about whether Brant’s body is showing a sexual a reaction. Of course, at that age, that can happen for no reason at all.

There is nothing wrong with any of this. Shame on anyone who would try to discourage affection between a parent and adult child. What’s in the pictures could be the extent of their physical affection. Or maybe there is more. But that is between them, and I think a lot of people are jealous either way, as they are both attractive people, and some people wish they had even the most minimal contact with their parents or children. Do not tear down others for having a warm relationship. recaps some of the buzz.

A supermodel in a bikini kissing a hot guy is surefire tabloid fodder -- but a supermodel in a bikini kissing her son? That is pure, creepy gold.

Creepy? Yes, the bigots seem to think so.

Does it matter that Seymour, who recently reconciled with estranged husband Peter Brant, was on vacation with her whole family at the time? Does it matter that the photos were clearly taken in rapid succession, from at least two different angles, suggesting that what might appear a languorous caress was instead a brief embrace? Does it matter, further, that Peter Jr. is openly gay?

It doesn’t matter to the gossips. Some of the people commenting on the coverage probably think that a man who is strictly gay can be "turned" by the "right" woman. The writer shows intelligence…

But how many random news sites or commenters on them could confidently recognize familial warmth if they saw it? Maybe the idea that a teenage child would still even want to put an arm around his mother, would offer an unsolicited kiss, is so rare as to be downright odd. But that doesn't automatically make it weird or gross or creepy. And as any mother with a rapidly growing up child knows, it might even make it enviable.

It isn’t weird or gross or creepy either way. If it isn’t for you, that’s fine. Don’t begrudge others affection and love. Check out the pictures for yourself. They are quite nice.
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