Friday, February 26, 2010

Icing Love?

The prejudice against consanguineous sexuality has even tainted coverage of the Olympics. Sibling athletes who have achieved high levels of skill in their sport, in which they perform together, are subjected to derisive snickers and offensive questioning. Whether or not these siblings love each other sexually or not, the message is loud and clear: siblings are to be limited by outsiders in how they express their love for each other – adult siblings, who can make up their own minds. Just check out this Wall Street Journal story from last week, entitled “That’s Your Sister?”

When Alexandra Zaretsky takes to the ice in Olympic ice-dancing competition Friday, she'll look deep into her partner's eyes as they skate the "Tango Romantica."

But not too deep. That's because her partner is her brother, 26-year-old Roman Zaretsky.

If they are not into each other, they aren’t into each other. But if they are, it isn’t anybody’s business. They should be allowed to express romance and affection without being bullied.

Four of the 23 ice-dancing pairs competing at the Vancouver Games are brother and sister. And this year, they're all required to complete a compulsory portion of competition by doing the forbidden dance.

And, apparently, endure prejudice.

Why do people care what consenting adults are – or aren’t doing – with each other? Hatred? Boredom? Jealousy? - who knows? But this is the kind of thinking that impedes marriage equality. It also, no doubt, hurts youth who have these feelings, who get a message that they are to stay in the shadows or be ridiculed.
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