Monday, August 8, 2011

Still Fighting Against Bigotry and For Civil Rights

Jacquie Georges writes about “Black LGBT Marriages and Interracial Marriage.” She starts off referencing a September 2010 piece, and explains she had to be more reserved in that piece. She is blunt in this more recent writing, calling on African-Americans to support the same-sex freedom to marry.

Every argument I heard against interracial coupling is similar to the argument against LGBT coupling-the worrying about the children being raised by such coupling, the fact that it’s against “nature” and “God” plans, it will affect society, and the “destruction” of family values (my head is echoing “blah, blah, blah, and blah”). The pagan half of me that was raised as a child (paternal side) told me that LGBT is as natural as being heterosexual. Being raised by my pagan father allowed me to be exposed to gods, goddesses, lwas, and spirits, who are LGBT and had many different marriages and unions that are acceptable.

The arguments against marriage equality haven’t changed much over the years.

As black, heterosexual marriage to “each other” (among black folks) and “outside each other” (among other ethnic groups) became our civil right, so, too, is it with LGBT black folks. As our ancestors did not ask opponents for recognition of their marriage to believe in their way or perception of god or marriage; they simply asked that it be respected. It is the same for LGBT and interracial couples, just respect it –you don’t have to understand it or agree with it.

Allow others to have the marriages that are best for them; the marriages they want. How does it hurt anyone else is two African-American sisters and a Latino man enter a triad marriage?

One minute, the social conservative black community are wagging their finger of DL (gay and lesbians who are “closeted”, down low, and marrying heterosexuals to forge “security” and societal acceptance) for reckless sex practices (since safe sex practices are rarely talked about) that infects many AA, particularly women, with HIV/AIDS and then, the next, they want LGBT to deny who they are and “choose” and/or “practice” a heterosexual “lifestyle.” If that is not disassociation compounded with multiple personality disorder, then I don’t know what is. One minute, they want LGBT to “come out” and the next, they want them to “stay in.” It is likewise with marriage. One minute, they want society to endorse marriage as a “healthy” relationship and children “need” a two-parent home. The next, “Wait, the two-parent home must be the same race/religion/gender/class/creed.” Moreover, there is a list of “what is not.”

Stop oppressing people, forcing them into the closet. Stop denying people who want to get married that legal freedom. You'll see more stability, and more children raised with more loving parents.
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