Monday, August 22, 2011

The Love That Does Not Get Equal Time

Consensual incest, or what I refer to as consanguineous sex or consanguinamory, is underrepresented in major media, and when it is depicted, it is usually in a negative sense. I understand the father-daughter villains in the new "Conan the Barbarian" are presented as incestuous in a way to further their negative portrayal. (If you've seen it, please offer your thoughts.)

But when we get beyond the major media, what do we find? What do we find with user-driven content? A high percentages of searches online involve "incest." One of the most popular series of adult films has been the "Taboo" series, and at websites that feature written erotica, the most, or one of the most popular categories by authors and readers are the incest categories. There are ongoing, popular discussion forums on the subject.

Search question-and-answer sites such as Answerbag, Topix, Yahoo Answers, and GirlsAskGuys, and you'll find no small amount of interest, nor a small amount of claimed participation. Even if some claims are mere fantasy, the indication is that, as formal studies indicate, consanguineous experimentation and consanguinamory are not rare things, and there are many more people who are curious about it.

From the classic mythology of the past to fan fiction today, consanguinamory is something in which there is a high level of interest. There should be more and more positive depictions of consanguinamorous people in the major media.
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