Friday, August 5, 2011

More Details of Prosecuted Consanguinamorous Relationship

Here's more coverage of the Butler-Yates sentencing for consensual sex.

The headline gets it right: "Man jailed for sex with consenting daughter."

Andrew Butler, 47, was jailed for 10 months and ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years after reuniting with Nicola Yates, 26, who he had not seen in 20 years.

Sex offender? What danger is he to anyone?

The latest charges come after Yates moved into Butler's home in 2008. She had told her family that she had a new boyfriend but did not reveal his identity.

Her step-sister Natalie went through Yates' mobile phone during a visit to their house and found sexually explicit photos of the couple.

Invasion of privacy, that snoop.

She showed the pictures to Yates' mother who recognised Butler and reported him to police.

Jealousy, much?

Officers arrested the pair in September last year after recovering text messages on a phone at the house which were "evidence of a sexual relationship which had taken place".

They also recovered a laptop with sexually explicit pictures of them both as well as cards and a love letter.

They're in love! So what??? More people should be so lucky.

Judge James Burbidge QC said today: "I accept from everything that I have read about you both that you appear to have a relationship with genuine affection but it was an illicit relationship.

So the judge can see the love, but still enforced the absurd law.

"It is a relationship regarded as abhorrent by society in general for understandable reasons."

Such as...? They never seem to be able to explain that.

He said Butler was a manipulative individual and accepted that Yates was immature and vulnerable.

You know, adult women can't possibly be capable of making decisions about their own bodies and relationships, right?

He added that aggravating features included the harm it had done to the families involved and that they had had a child which was aborted.

What harm? Notice, they don't explain. And isn't abortion legal there?

Some of the comments...

well - as much as i think incest is disgusting and can lead to multiple genetic problems - they haven't really harmed anyone like the thugs down the road have - they shouldn't really be judged by anyone.

Thanks. It can lead to genetic problems if people with serious genetic problems get together for generation upon generation.

Gross - but they are consenting adults.

It is okay to think someone else's sex life is gross. It is rude to say it publicly. But it is good that this person recognizes their rights.

I've got to go with Webmasters and HBubble on this, now matter how sick and disgusting I find this report, they have not harmed anyone and they are both consenting adults.


When this emotional reunion of theirs turned inappropriate it was his DUTY to put a stop to it.

Who says it is inappropriate, and why? Why stop love?

What kind of disgusting creature would sleep with his own daughter, consenting or not (and vice versa).

Someone who loves?

And here's the last one there when I read it...

About time sex with cousins was illegal, too.

There's a lot of bigotry out there.

Stop prosecuting consenting adults for their love! FULL marriage equality NOW!

Here's an update from October 2012.
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