Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Reason to Avoid Zimbabwe

A recent entry I wrote on Zimbabwe prompted me to get around to this news item about a father-daughter relationship. Considering we’re talking about a country in which two men can be imprisoned for simply holding hands, it shouldn’t be surprising that consanguinamory is subject to prosecution.

A man Nyamweda Village in Mhondoro has admitted to having an incestuous love affear relationship with his daughter for the past 16 years and siring her child in a case that has set tongues wagging in and around the district.

The man - whose to protect the identity of the child - initially denied the charges when he appeared before a chief's court on July 27.

He, however, gave in after being presented with overwhelming evidence.

This is described as a love affair, not a rape. So why is it a crime? It appears to me to be a lasting marriage situation.

Chief Nyamweda of Nyamweda Village - who presided over the case - last week confirmed fining him three beasts. He said the matter was also reported to Norton Police.

"The matter was brought to my attention. We subsequently deployed investigating officers who brought them before my court," he said.

Later on, the article says that neighbors turned them in. Why can’t people stay out of the relationships of others?

"During the trial, the two denied the charges, but later revealed they have been in love for the past 16 years."

Information gathered last week indicates the incest began after the man's wife died.

The daughter - who was 16 years old at the time - later gave birth to a son who is now 15 years old.

The age of consent in Zimbabwe, at least for heterosexual or lesbian sex, is 16. This is not a matter of rape, cheating, or pedophilia. This is a lasting relationship.

Chief Nyamweda said the man's fine would be used to appease "the spirit mediums of the land".

Really?!? Did they say they were upset? I guess we should be happy the lovers aren't being burned at the stake.

There was no indication that the daughter was anything but a happy, willing participant. There is no indication that their son has suffered (although he'll suffer now, thanks to bigotry), and I would think the police and the news would have noted those things. So what we appear to have here is a family being broken up and punished for no good reason. Zimbabwe, just like the rest of the world, needs full marriage equality so that an adult can share love, sex, residence, hand-holding, and marriage with any consenting adults.
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  1. ugh, zimbabwe V_V I seemed to forget that the lovers wouldn't be the only one affected by this. Their son would also have to deal with their parents being persecuted or even ostracized their whole life. >.> People don't think about the big picture.
    Do you know what country has the worst persecution for incestuous relationships?
    By the way, I like the new background and pictures with the blog!!

  2. It would be difficult to determine what the worst country is based on the data I've seen. Certainly, if you click on the Zimbabwe tab, you'll see a lot of bad law in action. But I rely on news media reports, and that can be spotty. There could be countries far worse than Zimbabwe and we just don't hear about it.


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