Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Terminology and Yahoo Answers

Someone asked, “Incest between consenting siblings who HAVE grown up together? What would this be called?”

I know that Genetic Sexual Attraction is incestuous sexual attraction between people who have NOT grown up together, but meet as adults. But what is it called when they HAVE grown up together?

lynus jary had the best answer, as chosen by the asker (who conceded “Not what I was looking for, but the best answer out of the group of people that answered this.”)…

Giving love thats what its called

Lost Angel felt some need to write…

Sick is what it is

To each his or her own, Lost Angel.

I classify all consensual sex between close relatives as “consanguineous sex” or consanguinamory. It makes sense to distinguish GSA-initiated consanguinamory, but I’m not sure if there is a need or a sensible way to add further classification to consanguinamory that wasn’t GSA-initiated. Cohabitational consanguinamory? But that sounds like they are now living together as a result of being consanguinamorous. Also, some relationships become consanguinamorous after a time of not living in the same home, such as siblings who start up after they've been going to different colleges.

Maybe you have ideas?

As far as Yahoo Answers in general: often relevant questions are removed. When I provide a link, it is to where I found the question; it may not be there anymore. Also, sometimes the deadline to answer isn’t long enough. I would have submitted “consanguinamory” as an answer if I could have.
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