Tuesday, August 16, 2011

20/20 in New Zealand to Feature Genetic Sexual Attraction

It will be airing Thursday 18th August 2011, 9.30pm TV2

The show follows a group of everyday people who have found themselves in a passionate affair with a long lost sibling, or parent they thought they had lost through adoption.

With the rise in sperm donation, and children of adoption growing into adults, and seeking birth parents, this is a story that could become more common.

Most of the people 20/20 speaks with are in hiding, but others are starting to speak out about their relationships, and are fighting for the right to stay together.

Genetic Sexual Attraction is almost always a very painful experience, as people experience a very intense attraction unlike anything they’ve felt before, often without warning. Sometimes the attraction is not mutual (which is always painful), sometimes it is. Mutual attraction can be especially problematic when there are existing vows and commitments to others that make acting on the attraction cheating of otherwise problematic. Sometimes those experiencing mutual attraction have negative feelings due to personal or external disapproval of consanguinamory, and there are many places where consanguinamory is a criminal offense.

It is the position of this blog (and many people who realize what century this is) that consenting adults should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage regardless of their biological relation, and as such, those experiencing GSA should be able to live openly in consanguinamorous relationships or find other ways of dealing with their attraction without interference from the law.
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