Monday, August 1, 2011

One Woman's Perspective of Open Marriage

Rachel Rabbit White wrote at, "Girl Talk: My Adventures In Open Marriage"

A romantic relationship is made up of commitment, passion and intimacy. Building these things is key. But there is something to gain from “challenging” them too. You could challenge intimacy by spending time apart, challenge passion by removing sex, or challenge commitment by sleeping with other people. For us, challenging one made all three intensify.

We started setting up play-dates but it wasn’t all as smooth as falling into pillows with the honey-blonde. We had a lot of false starts—a few bad dates and no luck with “swinger” or “poly” organizations, which were filled with older couples. We’ve been taking it slow, and after each hot tryst—which seem to happen every few months—we spend time together, renewing emotions and commitment.

Everyone must find their own path, whether that path is taken alone or with one or more others. For some, monogamy will be the way to go. For others, polyfidelity. And for others, an ongoing-open relationship.
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