Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Philosophical on Incest

At, I-FLUX asked why (consensual) incest is wrong. It is a great question, and as usual, there isn't really a good answer provided so far that is consistent with how society best functions.  Consanguinamory should not be illegal.

First of all, by our usual way of thinking, we all think Incest is wrong.

That's an incorrect assumption.

The discussion is a bit "taboo" but to actually prove its "badness" is pretty hard in my opinion. I would like a convincing idea to why Incest is wrong.

I've looked hard and haven't found one. What I've found is that there are some powerfully loving and positive, lasting relationships between close relatives who usually have to hide somewhat, and that's terrible.
Incest is not the direct reasons for defects/disorders.

But that's a common Discredited Argument used anyway. It is #18.

Difficult Idealist...

Certainly, there are cultures in the world in incest is not only NOT taboo, but considered necessary to uphold family lineage, especially royal lines.


I find the strongest argument against incest in the muddling of relationships that occur.

That would be Discredited Argument #19.

There is a very strong relationship of power here.

And that is Discredited Argument #20.

Later, Tobias conceded...

To a large extent I think you are right. The feelings of guilt, shame, abuse and so on to a very large extent develop because of society's view of incest. I can very easily conceive of the following societal practice: upon the 18th birthday of a son, the father of the son takes him to his sister who will initiate the boy in the art of sex. Thus initiated the boy is not a virgin anymore and joins manhood. Ok. The aunt has her role, the father does, the son. I don't see such an arrangement as inherently wrong.

To Mega Therion...

It could be unsettling, but romantic relationships are unsettling at times. The question is whether a general ban is just, and I see no reason to suppose it is, apart from what is essentially an aesthetic judgment.

There is no justification for continuing to criminalize love and sex between consenting adults, nor denying this freedom to marry. It is time to change the laws. We need full marriage equality.
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