Thursday, August 25, 2011

Woman Arrested on Incest Charges in State of Washington

There are several news outlets reporting, but not much information.

A 36 year old Kennewick woman has been arrested for having sexual relations with her 16 year old biological son

Blanca Negrete was arrested following the investigation of recorded phone conversations of a sexual nature between her and her son while he was in the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Center. The investigation then revealed that Negrete and her son had been engaged in sexual activity since November of 2010.

The victim has since been released from juvenile detention and the suspect, Negrete is now being held at the Benton County Jail for incest, and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Notice that the charge is incest, rather than statutory rape. No information is given as to why the son was in a detention facility.

From another report

While the victim was incarcerated at the Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Detention Facility, recorded phone conversations between the victim and his mom* were of a sexual nature.

So if they hadn’t said anything during the phone calls, she may have escaped prosecution.

Another report

A 36-year-old Kennewick woman is accused of sexually assaulting a teen boy from Connell since November.

Blanca Ester Negrete was arrested Tuesday by Kennewick police and booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and sexual assault.

I’m not sure why the reports stress that she is the biological mother; perhaps to make it clear that she’s not a stepmother or adoptive mother. No information is given to indicate she has been out of his life long enough for this to be a case of Genetic Sexual Attraction. Some state incest laws treat step or adoptive relationships the same as biological relationships when it comes to making incest a crime. From what is said about the phone conversations, it sounds like this was not a matter of forcible assault, but then a dependent minor child can be coerced through other means than physical force.

The focus of this blog has always been consensual relationships between adults. The age of consent in the state of Washington is 16, but with conditions. If someone is having sex with a 16 or 17-year-old, they can be no older than 60 months older than the younger person; she has violated this, if in fact they have had sex. They can’t be in a “significant relationship as defined” (my guess is that this was violated). Foster parents are also not allowed to have sex with their 16 or 17-year-old foster children, and school teachers and administration employees can’t have sex with their 16 or 17-year-old students. (So, if you’re 21, it is okay to have sex with a 16-year-old as long as you’re a complete stranger, but not if you’re, say, the aunt. That makes sense, right?)

It looks to me like she could be charged with statutory rape, and as I’ve said before, I would support enhancing such charges if they involve a guardian. Why have a separate law for incest that also criminalizes consensual sex between minors and between adults? The law should be there to discourage and provide restitution for, and protection from, things like sexual harassment, molestation, and assault, not to interfere with consensual sex, especially not in an inconsistent way.
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  2. I don't get it. Was the son okay with this going on? I feel that the son and mother thing SHOULD be okay as long as they were both OKAY with it. But I saw no mention indicating if the son was okay with it... Something else that got me was "Negrete is now being held at the Benton County Jail for incest, and communication with a minor for IMMORAL purposes." Immoral purposes? I don't think they can claim that since that would NOT be a separation of church and state then. (If the son was okay with it) That's totally unfair. That makes me REALLY mad.

    I don't know how you feel about this in regards to your last paragraph. I got kind of confused there. But I feel that if the son was okay with it (and was aware of the situation) then it shouldn't have been a problem.

    And one more thing...who found out about the phone calls? Were people tapping in? Are they 'allowed' to do that with reasonable suspicion or is that rather an invasion of privacy?

  3. The first rule of incest club is that you don't talk about incest club.

    The second rule of incest club is that you don't talk about incest club on the phone.

    The third rule of incest club is that you don't talk about incest club on phones that are bugged by the police.

    A good many incestuous relationships seem to be uncovered due to what people do on the phone. The case of the Columbia professor and is adult daughter comes to mind. They were sending each other explicit text messages that his wife used to get them busted.

    Now along come these two nitwits who were so clueless they discussed their private sexual relationship using phones controlled and monitored by the police department. If all crooks were this stupid, the cops would never have to leave the doughnut shop.

    Those of you out there who are enjoying a sexual relationship with a member of your family as two consenting adults need to be very careful about what you say and do. Communicating about your relationship through a medium that creates a permanent record of what you are saying or writing is the very best way to get caught I know of. Communicate in private and in person, not through means that can be intercepted and used to persecute you.

  4. That's some good advice, Anonymous. People shouldn't have to hide their love, but as long as they are living where it is criminalized, they have to.

  5. VeganJoyJoy, you make great points. Doesn't look like anybody filed a complaint; it was someone eavesdropping on a phone call. It is stupid that the son could legally consent to sex with a 21-year-old stranger, but not her. It is a bad law and if I was on a jury in that case I would not convict her if there was no force.

  6. Anonymous, while I understand what you are saying. I have to disagree to some level. If the gays hadn't started coming out of their shell then they would still be persecuted to this day. We need brave souls who can shed light on the prejudice against incestuous couples. MANY of course will still end up going to jail, but if enough people come out of their shell then their would be a whole nother movement for them. It's not gonna happen overnight unfortunately, but overtime when people start to have relatives or friends that are curious about incestuous relationships, soon the prejudice will slowly die.

  7. I will be writing a new entry on this soon... coming out intentionally, or through being careless, or being outed despite taking every precaution. I support those who want to stay in the closet, but I also support those who decide to come out and I'm thankful for the progress they help make. I also defend those outed against their will. If we had equality, none of this would be much of an issue... which is why we DO need equality. It is ridiculous for consensual sex to be a criminal matter.

  8. Wow I never read this in the paper & its sad because I really miss my aunt, although her actions were wrong her son also knows right from wrong she's getting years & I miss her I don't know where she is being heldd at but dam this is some crazy stuff my whole family was shocked ...... :"/

    1. hii its me karina and she did not do any of that he made that stuff up and i know it jr and i mizz her

    2. Karina, I'm so sorry you are going through this.

    3. yeah there rite i didnt do any thing with my son the adopted mom made all that a mother not a slut i love my kids no mattr wat5 but i had a bad attrny and he told me to take a plea n i dont no nothn bout the law like that so my dumb ass took it.. BUT IN REALITY IM INNOCENT....I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG

  9. so yeah im out now n now gotta fix my name....but peoplo who no me no im keep my name out ur mouth unless u no 4 sure,,realy i dont care wat any one negative says cuz god nos im innocent.....

  10. as long as my 2 babys n husband n god no its not true i dont care about anyone else.....mommy loves n miss you sooooooooo much my babygirl n my tuntun''''''''''''

  11. emelia karina negreteOctober 31, 2013 at 10:39 AM

    mommy i love with all of my heart and mizz you with all of my soul!! and although people are talking crap we now you didn't do any thing!! i love you mommy and i wish we can just go back thing use to be but next year i start driven and i am in high school and things will change!! you mommy 4ever and ever!!...<3

  12. Incest is a most wonderful sex and is enjoyed by millions. My mother and I started having sex when I was 13 and it lasted for 7 years until I moved to California. It started with her walking in on me kind of playing with myself and she smiled and began teaching me how to masturbate until I would cum. It quickly moved to her giving me oral sex which I totally loved. Several months later we included sexual intercourse into out nightly sexual activities. Neither one of us ever regret what we did with each other. I am sure at some time in the future Incest will become legal.

    1. Anonymous, you were well under the age of consent and your mother we obviously a much older legal adult, when that began, so that would still be classified as abuse even when consensual adult incest is decriminalized. I would be interested in hearing more about your situation and what effects there have been in your life, and what the subsequent relationship was like with your mother. Feel free to contact me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com


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