Sunday, August 21, 2011

It Is Simple

There are two main things that should determine what kind of personal relationship you'll enter into:

1. What you have to offer

2. Your needs and goals

Nobody else should interfere through law or bullying or discrimination.

That is why this blog argues against laws that criminalize or discriminate against consensual relationships between adults.

For some people, it is a same-sex monogamous marriage. For others, it is a triad marriage consisting of two men and a woman. Some people have found that the love of their life if a long-lost parent or sibling.

We all have our own personalities, our own capabilities, or own desires, our own life paths. I have seem people loudly announce their disgust at the abstract idea of actual relationships I have personally seen to be profoundly loving and beautiful. Someone else's love may seem strange to you, but you don't have to want something for yourself to understand that it is what someone else wants and needs. This is why, instead of arguing over arbitrary details, adults should be free to pursue love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults. Same-sex marriage should not be banned. Polyamorous homes should not be banned. Polygamous marriages should not be banned. Consanguineous relationships or marriages should not be banned. Let people have their love.
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