Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update on Pregnancy, and More

Pau has given an update on the situation she’s sharing with her half brother. They will soon move and be close to other family again, and they are having a wedding. The pregnancy is going well.

Went to the Dr last week and everything went well. We heard babys heartbeat which was cool. The midwife was really funny. It was the first time we met her and before finishing up she says....So is it something common in your family to sleep with relatives? LOL I should have said yes. But i didnt I explained that I was adopted and we met later in life.

It’s beautiful when a reunion ends up working out so well.

Then explained how he and I are completely madly forever in love and very happy and dont give a damn to some extent I suppose what others think. And she smiled and says its funny how life works but that she could obviously see the love between us. I am truly surprised at how many accepting people we have around us.

May they continue to have good news.

The more people who can see the love in consanguineous relationships, the better. It moves is towards full marriage equality.
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