Saturday, August 27, 2011

Samoa Prosecuting Adults For Consensual Sex

What century is this this again? From Samoa...

A woman accused of having sex with her father has entered a guilty plea to incest in the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Patu Tiavae’su’e Falefatu Sapolu presided over the hearing on Monday.

That judge has to feel at least a little ridiculous presiding over a criminal trial about consensual sex.

The defendant, in her 30’s, appeared for mention where she pleaded guilty.

Incest carries a maximum jail term of seven years.

The woman and her father are both charged with incest.

While the daughter has already pleaded guilty, the father continues to deny the charges.

Seven years for consensual sex? This woman is certainly old enough to choose to have sex. Who is the victim???

The laws need to be changed so that an adult is free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with ANY consenting adults.
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  1. Meanwhile there are real predators out there who routinely and repeatedly get away with victimizing minors... When are the courts and police forces going to get a clue?

  2. What needs to be known is how their relationship was discovered and brought to the attention of the state, something the journ-o-list types are unlikely to reveal.

    Understanding how consenting adults who choose incest are being caught will help others who are also making that choice to avoid sharing their fate.

    Odds are this couple got sloppy in keeping their private life private and the wrong person discovered what they were up to. The wrong person is anyone and everyone. Consensual incest is not a secret that you can trust others to keep. The only person you can trust to keep consensual adult incest private is the person you are enjoying it with.

  3. Thanks to both Anonymous comment writers. People shouldn't have to hide their love, but unfortunately in some places it is necessary, at least until we can get the laws changed.

    We all know there are many more relationships going on that don't make the news. There are probably some people in law enforcement where consanguineous sex is still illegal that see how unjust it is to prosecute. So unless the people are connected with real crimes, the officers taking the complaints from the jealous relative or neighbor probably tell them it isn't worth devoting law enforcement resources towards prosecution. The complaining person can then call the local newspaper, radio station, or television station, but they aren't going to touch the story without a criminal case pending, for fear of libel/slander lawsuits. More law enforcement people should take the approach of NOT arresting and charging people involved in consensual sex.


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