Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on Pregnancy

Pau recently gave an update on her pregnancy (Post #34 in this thread.) This was the second ultrasound for her and her half brother; the pregnancy is 11 weeks along.

The midwife we are supposed to be followed by was delivering a baby so we didnt get to meet her. Another midwife who was available talked with us today and we told her our blood relation. She did not react at all she just said there really should be no problems with two healthy parents and no known genetic issues in the family.

A couple of days later, she wrote…

Went in for my genetic blood test and another ultrasound today. The dr was a funny older man. He said that Being half borther and sister is more like 1rst cousins…He then explained that we really have a good chance of having a perfectly healthy baby and that the egyptians and royal hawaiins interbred and there were no major problems.

If I recall correctly, the Egyptian royals did have some problems, but it that was a different situation. A brother and sister couple with genetically healthy and nonconsanguineous parents is likely to have a healthy child. With any pregnancy, there is always some risk. But nobody going through this should let myths and prejudice scare them.

He says there is of course a higher risk than some but its really not that huge of a deal. Super nice old guy totally calm and undestanding. The ultrasound went fine. He said everything was in the right place and functioning as it should be.

Good to hear. It would be great if the baby’s parents had the freedom to legally marry each other and had protection from bullying and harassment.
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