Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Katrina Yates Needs to Mind Her Own Business

Nicola Yates began an affair with her biological father after tracing him through the internet eight years agoIt has been over a year since we've heard anything about Andrew Butler and Nicola Yates, who faced bigotry and all kinds of mistreatment because they were in love. Now Katrina Yates is back in the news complaining that she thinks Andrew and Nicola are still in love. Here's the latest report at
Katrina Yates was heartbroken when she discovered that her daughter Nicola had embarked on an affair with Katrina's ex-husband and Nicola's biological father after tracing him in secret almost eight years ago.
Katrina picked Andrew to marry, have sex with, and have children with. He was attractive to her. They have long since divorced. Why is it a problem that another woman is attracted to him? Nicola was placed in this situation, in part, by Katrina. Nicola did not choose her parents or the circumstances of their relationship. Nicola and Andrew are experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction, which is a normal reaction to the circumstances. Law enforcement officials, and Katrina, should stay out of the situation. Andrew and Nicola are adults who should be free love each other as they want.
Nicola and her father Andrew Butler spent years living together as boyfriend and girlfriend and have been to court twice charged with having sex with an adult relative after Katrina reported their inappropriate relationship.

Katrina is behaving like a jealous, bitter rat. The relationship is not inappropriate and they aren't hurting anyone. Katrina is the one being disgusting by throwing her daughter under the bus.
Last year Andrew was finally jailed, but after her mother wrote a pleading letter to the judge Nicola was given a suspended sentence and her and her family started the painful process of trying to rebuild their relationship.

The best thing she can do for her daughter now is stop talking in the media about this and let law enforcement officials do more important things than imprison consenting adults for having sex.
Nicola moved in with her younger sister Natalie and things were going well.

But in January this year Andrew was released and Nicola suddenly disappeared, cancelling her phone number, deleting her Facebook contacts and cutting off all contact with her family.
It wouldn't have to be that way if they were supportive of the relationship, rather than hostile.
Today Katrina and her younger daughter Natalie appeared on This Morning to discuss Nicola's betrayal and why they fear that she has gone on the run with her father again.

Her betrayal? I don't see Nicola going on television to talk about Natalie's love life or Katrina's love life.

Every time an article like this is printed, the finger-waggers comment to judge people for being in love with each other. Makes me wonder what kind of sex life (if any) they have, and what other people would say about their sex lives if they knew about them. Consenting adults should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage. Don't like it? Then don't do it.

Here's something I wrote recently about how "Genetic Sexual Attraction" is not a synonym for "incest."

If you are in a situation like this and need help, maybe you can find some. If you are a friend or family member of someone who may be in a situation like this, please read this.

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  1. Great post FME, makes my blood boil. What's the mother playing at, she said she wants nothing more to do with her, then let her be.. Why on earth go on tv if she's that ashamed, and that embarassed by it. They are both consenting aduts, Leave them alone, let them get on with their life.

  2. "The best thing she can do for her daughter now is stop talking in the media about this and let law enforcement officials do more important things than imprison consenting adults for having sex."
    This is the best part, if there hadn't been the prosecution I would think this story is a fake used to earn some money with the sick curiosity of public.

  3. Lots of stupid all around in this story. You can't save someone from themselves. Mum is trying to save her daughter her, but she can't. Someone determined to do themselves in is going to. If these two are off somewhere at each other again, the law will eventually catch up with them. I'm sure at least one of them is under caution.

    When they're caught up with, it's back in the clink for the both of them.


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