Wednesday, July 6, 2011

High Percentage of People Are Interested in Incest

Peter Tupper has a very extensive review of the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, which presents a survey of sexuality on the Internet. Authors Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam have PhDs from Boston University's Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems. Relevant to this blog is that the most popular sexual search categories in one measure were “youth,” “gay,” and “MILF,” in that order, with “incest” also making the top 15.

As I’ve said before about consensual consanguineous sex (incest), there are more consanguinamorous spousal-type relationships in the world than most people think. There are many more close relatives who have had sexual relationships but have not lived as spouses, and still more who have experimented, and many, many more individuals who have thought about it in a positive or arousing way.

The portrayal of consanguineous sex as something rare and subject to universal disgust is a false one. And more and more people who aren’t interested in engaging in consanguinamory themselves or fantasizing about it are deciding, after thinking about it and perhaps researching it, that it isn’t something to ostracize or prosecute people over, or a reason to deny someone the freedom to marry.
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