Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Example of the Right to Marry Denied

Melinda, using the handle Melindagrace2011 in the age range 22-25, wrote at the Experience Project about being in a polyandrous relationship.

I am a happily married woman with one long term boyfriend. My dream is one day I will be able to legally marry my boyfriend and have both loves of my life as husbands. My husband fully supports me and my desires. My boyfriend also wishes to join our family.

So what’s the problem?

Unfortunately a legal polyandry marriage isn't possible at this time since they won't issue a marriage license for more than one spouse at a time. So I must wait until laws change and all consenting adults have right to marry who we want to marry. Until that day I am a hotwife.

There is no good reason to deny them their freedom to marry, either as Melinda marrying both men, or as all three of them marrying each other. Some women and some men want polyandrous marriages, and they should not be denied their rights.
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  1. Couldn't they still get a civil union though? I heard that civil unions still didn't have equal rights for partners in it though :( Is that true?

  2. I don't think there is any place that will allow someone who is married to form a recognized civil union; at least not in the US.

  3. ohhhh lol I forgot she was already married, sorry...xD

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  5. Thanks for stopping by, Melinda. Let's work to make sure you're rights are granted sooner rather than later. That's what we're about here.

  6. Thank you for the comments.

    You are right we can't even do civil union since I am already married. So we did our own symbolic ceremony and we live our lives as if I had 2 recognized husbands.

    The certificate is just a piece of paper so it is what in our hearts that matter most. But it sad, like gay people have been through for years, that I don't have the rights that other married couples have (at least with one of my men).

  7. Sorry I deleted the wrong comment!


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