Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Will Utah Legalize Polygamy?

KSTU has an story on efforts to decriminalize polyagamy in Utah.

Members of Utah's polygamous communities are making a renewed push to decriminalize polygamy. They argue that if state officials really want to combat abuse in the closed society, they should decriminalize their marriages.

Boudicca Joseph was one of the nine wives of Alex Joseph, who founded the southern Utah town of Big Water. She is one of those pushing for polygamy to be decriminalized, arguing that it is the only way to really fight crimes within the closed and often isolated polygamous communities.

"Who's going to go to a policeman and tell him there's a problem when they're committing a felony and there's a fear they're going to be arrested?" she told Fox 13. "It's not going to happen."

No justification for continue to deny this freedom to marry is given. Everyone, regardless of their religion, should have this freedom if they want to use it.
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  1. If banning gay marriage is unconstitutional than wouldn't banning polygamy unconstitutional?

  2. Certainly. Marriage is a fundamental right, so an adult should be able to marry ANY consenting adults. In the US, laws against polygamy banned a long, globally established practice of polygyny. Now we know that governments can't deny the freedom to marry, so it should go without saying that restrictions on polygamy are unconstitutional.


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