Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Wife Extols Polygyny in Court

After a parade of bigots and the dissatisfied, the Canadian poly trial is finally receiving testimony from people actually in polygynous marriages. Alina Darger didn’t avail herself of the option to testify anonymously.

In a marked contrast to former FLDS members who have told the court about overcrowded, abusive homes filled with conflict and power struggles, Ms. Darger described her childhood and marriage in glowing terms.

Her father had two wives, and Ms. Darger herself is the first of three wives. She has seven children of her own, and she and her two “sister-wives” have a total of 24 children aged from six months to 20 years old.

Ms. Darger said she chose to practise polygamy because it is central to her faith and she wanted the same closeness and security as an adult that she had experienced as a child.

“I loved that experience and thought it was really amazing,” Ms. Darger said. “I always felt I had somebody close to care for me.”

Why would anyone want to deny her this choice?

Ms. Darger said she does not believe in arranged marriages and, under questioning by a B.C. government lawyer, said while she is aware that some fundamentalist Mormons have married underage girls, she does not endorse or approve of that practice.

“I disagree with that; it’s not in my belief system, and there are laws to take care of that – and they should,” Ms. Darger said.

Yes! Exactly!

Anyone who doesn’t want this kind of marriage doesn’t have to enter one. But let those who want to have a polygynous (or polyandrous, group, same-sex, interracial, intergenerational, or consanguineous) marriage have one. Do not prevent other adults from exercising their rights to love, sex, and marriage.
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