Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prison Sentence in West Virginia Incest Case

Most news sources hide the identity of sex crime victims. Most news sources hide the identity of minor victims. We're never given the age of the supposed victim in this case. Overall, I find this coverage of the story to be deficient.

A father got his daughter pregnant, and she had the baby.

Larry Darby was sentenced to 15 to 35 years in jail for incest and sexual assault by a parent.

He was sentenced for "incest and sexual assault." Was the victim underage? Or was she an adult who consented. If she was an adult, the sexual assault charge would indicate she did not consent. Either the incest charge was superfluous, or there were consensual encounters that were incestuous, but did not fall under the sexual assault category. I wish we had clarification.

"I don't ever want to lie to my child," Aleena Jones said. "I'm scared to tell him the truth because I don't want him to hate me for what happened."

If she was coerced, she had nothing for which to apologize.

This is where we get some indication that there is more to this than consensual sex between adults (which should not be a crime at all):

The family says this isn't the first time he has had sexual contact with young girls.

"He was glaring at me the whole time I was up on the stand," Jones said. "It just made me feel even nastier."

The family says he's fondled another victim and has served time for it.

"My second daughter was involved in all of this, too, and he tried to do stuff to her, too," Kimberly Jones said.

"Young girls" would indicate minors to me. But we're never given ages for any of the girls.

Now, Darby will spend more than a decade in a cell, but with the possibility of parole.

"I'm not willing to take a chance on these types of people who engage in these types of crimes," Prosecutor Mark Plants said.

If Darby gets out, he will have to spend the next 50 years on supervised release.

It is bad enough the law isn't more precise when it comes to consenting adults vs. an adult preying on a minor, lumping both together as "incest." But the media does this as well. There should be more clarity in reporting. If this woman is a victim, her name should not have been published.
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  1. You should do more homework. Incest is defined as sex with a family member (which is disgusting!). Also, This child has a demented molester as a father, honestly he deserves to be locked up for that as well. I agree consenting adults have the right to do what they want...WITHIN THE LAW.And the law states that consensual or no, adult or no, incest is illegal.

  2. Anonymous, thank you for stopping by and thank you for reading.

    I know the definition of incest. My point was that the news article was deficient, the same as if a news article simply said that two people had "intercourse." Was the intercourse consensual or not? I also ask, was the incest consensual or not?

    You find consanguineous sex disgusting. That's your feeling. Other people feel differently. I do find rape and child abuse disgusting, but some consanguineous (or "incestuous") sex is between consenting adults.

    You cite the law as a determination of what is right and wrong. But what if the law is wrong? Same-sex marriages are legal now in Canada. Not too long ago, they weren't. They aren't legal in most places in the US, currently. So are they right or wrong? There is one state in the US where there is no law against consensual sex between closely related adults. So is it okay in that state, but not the rest? First cousins can marry in some states, but can't in other states. Is it right or wrong to marry as first cousin? Interracial marriages used to be illegal in many places. Did that make them wrong? It used to be legal to own another person. Was that right?

    What I support is full marriage equality, and the rights of all consenting adults to love, sex, and marriage, regardless of their birth. If you check around here, you will see that I have done my research.

    You are invited to respond, including to explain where you disgree with my position. I hope you will consider some of the other things written here.


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