Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Polygamy = Polygyny Talk on Yahoo Answers

The question is, “Should men be allowed to be polygamous?”

The answer is yes, but only because all adults should have the freedom to marry more than one person. I’m for full marriage equality. Allowing polygyny, but not a group or polyandrous form for polygamy, would not be equality.

Here’s one discriminatory response…

We do not live in caves and throw spears anymore. We are civilised human beings and we are able to think logically and rationally and we are able to consider others. Sleeping with numerous women all at the same time is not very civilised or considerate.

Actually, there are highly civilized and considerate poly people. But she goes on to explain she is incapable of sharing…

I for one would not share my boyfriend with other women and if I found out I was that WOULD give me a real reason to terminate the relationship. My ex slept with another girl and I ended it with him. I wouldn't cheat on a man because I don't think it's right, even if there was no sex in the relationship.

That’s fine for her. But some people can mutally agree to other arrangements.

This person is an ally…

If everyone involved is cool with it, then yes. Why is it my business to tell people who they can marry? If a woman wants to have multiple husbands, and they are fine with it, then I think she should be able to. It is not my place to tell people how to live their lives, unless how they live is hurting me, which polygamy wouldn't do.

Someone else…

Poligamy can only work if you get rid of most men.

Not true. Assuming there would be more polygyny than polyandry, the fact is, not every person needs to or wants to get married.

Someone who has put a little more thought into it…

I am against the legalisation of polygamous marriage because women invariably have lower status in countries where this is allowed.

Does anyone believe that having this freedom to marry would lower the status of women in the US or Canada or Europe or Australia?

However, thre is nothing stopping a man living with more than one woman.

In some places there are. But there’s nothing stopping gay or lesbian couples from living together, either. Why should people have to be second class citizens and be denied marriage rights, though?

A man who 'spreads his seed' and fathers many children had better be prepared to support all those children.

Let them. This already happens, but many of the children don’t have the benefit of their parents being married.

He will also need to be prepared to satisfy all his wives and keep them happy all the time.

Wives and/or husbands.

He will have to be prepared for quarreling and jealousy among his many partners, women are often bitterly resentful of the other wives in polygamous marriages. Women don't really like sharing a man.

This person has a low opinion of women. Some women don’t want polygyny. Others do.

He will also have to be prepared to fend off competition.

Let him worry about that.

Another person is a little confused…

Even if polygamy wasn't wrong, even if your wife wasn't hurt by it at all, just being with other women for their body would fill you with lust, and you wouldn't be filled with the much more pure feeling of love anymore. I'm not sure if polygamy should be allowed, but I don't think there's a reason for it to be legal. Anyone who doesn't feel filled with love for their partner shouldn't be married in the first place.

It should be legal. Let those who choose to participate worry about the balance of love and lust. Give people full marriage equality, and let them decide for themselves.
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  1. Yahoo Answers is the worst site ever created!

    1. There's a lot not to like about a site like Yahoo Answers, however I've become very active on there to help get word out about relationship rights and to let people know they are not alone. I think everyone who wants to support relationship rights and full marriage equality should pick a discussion or question and answer service, and do the same. I don't mind if people copy & past from my blog, link to my blog, etc. That is why it is here.

      Every once in a while, someone "reports" one of my answers on Yahoo Answers, for no other reason than disagreement.

  2. So basically you agree with men having multiple wives but not women having multiple husbands? That sound like sexist. Amd your evidence of sexism is quoting bunch of line of male supremity? What's wrong with you? If men would be allowed to do polygamy, women would be too. Period!

    1. If by "you" you mean me, no. I support the rights of ALL adults, REGARDLESS of gender, to have their relationships. A woman should be free to have multiple husbands, multiple wives, or both.


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