Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Yahoo Answers

Looking around at Yahoo Answers again, there was more talk about consanguineous sex and a little about polygamy.

beth ebull had an experience she’ll never forget

I was asked by my neighbor last week to check on his kids while they were at a funeral for the beginning of this week. The kids are 15 (girl) and 17 (boy). I don't know if they knew I was supposed to be checking on them or not but I walked into the house cuz no one was answering the door, and I heard loud music in the basement... When I went to check on them to make sure they weren't partying, I walked in on them... Having intercourse.... I ran out as fast as I could and I don't know what to do. I have no idea if I should call someone or go back there and talk to them or just pretend I saw nothing... Am I legally suposed to call someone? Child services maybe?

Unless it appeared that it was forceful or one of them was drugged, why would someone call child services? Some teens have sex. Some teens have sex with siblings, half siblings, or stepsiblings. When they are that close in age, unless there is force or coercion, it isn’t considered molestation or rape.

They were having sex, in their own home.

If it were me, I would tell the parents, in as neutral a tone as I could muster, “I was in your home to check on your kids as you had requested, and from what I saw, I have reason to believe your children are sexually active. I wanted you to be aware of that.”

That’s it. Leave it at that. Don’t explain that you saw them having intercourse with each other. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that parents know that minor children for whom they are responsible are sexually active.

Do not tell anyone else. It is nobody else’s business.

Some of the answers others provided invoked the “mutant babies” objection.

Natalie Underwood, who is always helpful wrote…

If they both wanted to be doing it, then it would be your word against theirs…Without more proof, authorities don't like to try to prosecute a case where no "victim" will testify against the other.

Deborah wrote…

I would corner the kids separately and let them know that this is not okay.

Deborah cites the law, but otherwise doesn’t give a reason why this is “not okay.”

Jason M asked “Is incest okay if there isn't any offspring?”

It is okay either way.


i think incest is disgusting. i mean if a person is blood related to you, why would you want to have sex with them.

That doesn’t make any sense, along the lines of asking “If a person is a different race (or generation) than you, why would you want to have sex with them?” Some people want to. Not everyone does.

Gotta Few Qs to Ask and Answer completely missed the point…

I think incest is rape.

Rape is rape. The question is about consensual sex.


I think you have stooped to the lowest ground when you have sex with one of the family.

Asking about loving, mutually enjoyed activity with someone you love is stooping to the lowest ground? Sure, that’s right up there with murder, isn’t it?

Penguini gets it right…

I honestly don't care as long as no one's being victimized in any way.

Lusta Demoness asked “If there was a law came up for the people to vote on that made incest legal would you vote for or against it?”

Our friend Liz answered…

I would vote for it, simply because I do not believe that sex between consenting people should be illegal. The government should not have the right to tell adults what other adults they may or may not have sex with.

The always good Natalie Underwood wrote…

If it was to eliminate penalties for adult consensual incest, i would vote for it. Maybe many people don't like it, but they are not harming anybody, so we should leave them alone.

Several allies chimed in. The objections were the “selective eugenicist” response.

Celes asked “How WOULD a Polygamous marriage work anyways?”

For some people, quite well.

Would it be fair and would women be allowed to have multiple husbands as well or would it only be men who would get multiple wives?

Full marriage equality means a woman can marry multiple men, or women, or both, the same as a man would be able to do to.

I fail to see three or more men agreeing to share ONE wife till death do they part...and vice versa for three or more women agreeing to share only ONE husband.

And yet people already do this. That one person doesn’t want to do it doesn’t mean nobody else should be able to do it.


Difficult to see how polygamous relationships can be regarded as marriages.

That doesn’t make any sense.

Sam Maher…

In places where it is still practiced, women have no other real choices. There whole identity and worth is tied into being a wife.

Why shouldn’t liberated women have this freedom? Isn’t Sam’s objection like saying we should not eat certain foods becayse they are popular in places with gender inequality? That a woman in one country feels that she has no other choice than to marry a man who has wives already does not mean we should prohibit a woman in say, the US, from having multiple husbands.

Harvester of Sorrow…

What strikes me as odd is the public's outcry toward polygamy and its failure to compare polygamy to a man dating and sleeping with multiple partners or getting a divorce and sleeping with another woman.

It is literally written in a man's DNA for him to seek multiple partners.

Most men do feel such a biological drive, but some men have a social desire for monogamy that the heed over and above their sex drive. They shoud have that freedom, and the others should have theirs.
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