Friday, January 21, 2011

A Confused Opponent of Equality

Beverly Nye Stratford embarrassed herself with this anti-equality letter to a newspaper.

Polygamy hurts men.

Why don't we let people decide for themselves how their marriages will be?

If three men out of 10 take three wives each, that leaves one woman for the seven other men.

There are billions of people in the world, though. The three men aren't "taking" those wives by force. Those women choose to marry those men. Shouldn't they have that choice?

Keep in mind too that in most polygamous countries, like the Muslim ones, all sex outside of marriage is illegal with penalties up to death itself, so it is unlikely the last woman would dare to service the other seven men even if she wanted to.

This a red herring in places like Canada and the United States. All adults should have the right to love, sex, and marriage. That some freedoms are restricted in one place does not mean we should restrict other freedoms here.

The only way to make it fair for a man to have more than one legal wife at a time is for the wife, or wives, to be legally able to have an equal number of husbands.

They should have that freedom.

For example, a man takes a second wife. This new wife is now eligible to take another husband, as is the original wife as well.

Everyone should have the right to marry the person or person(s) they want to marry. The letter writer really should be writing to support full marriage equality. Seems to me her beef is with "polygyny-only."
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