Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not Everything You Don’t Like Should Be Illegal

Ishmael N. Daro thinks it is fine for everyone to tell consanguineous lovers they are bad for finding happiness with each other, but even he, despite his revulsion, thinks there shouldn’t be a law against consanguineous sex.

After all, if incest occurs between an adult and a minor there are already laws in place against pedophilia and sexual abuse. Two consenting adults, however, should be free to do whatever they like in the bedroom, even if their relation makes us squeamish.

Thanks for this admission.

Around the world, half a dozen countries have no laws against consensual incest between adults including France, Spain and Russia. These countries are not suffering from moral collapse any more than Canada and the U.S.

Sometimes, certain sexual practices inspire such revulsion they bring the full force of the law upon those who take part in them. Interracial marriage was once seen as abhorrent, but today you would be hard-pressed to find any serious opposition to such a union. Homosexuality, too, used to inspire violent opposition - and arguably still does - but most people accept it as part of mainstream society.

We are making progress. Let’s keep tearing down the walls of hate that prevent full marriage equality.
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