Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marriage in Turkey

This article discusses a report on marriage, and also gender inequality, in Turkey.

Though polygamous marriages are not legally recognized in Turkey, more than 186,000 women share their husbands with a second wife, a practice that is particularly common in the country’s east, a recent report has revealed.

Second wives are married in religious or cultural ceremonies, and generally are eligible for few legal protections, according to the report by two academics, who presented their research to the Parliamentary Commission on Equal Opportunity for Women and Men.

Legalization would provide legal protections. In addition to polygyny, there are a significant number of consanguineous marriages…

The research also revealed that 12.4 percent of marriages are between first-degree relatives, something that affects 1,700,062 women, mostly in the southeast. Matches between first-degree relatives account for 29 percent of marriages in southeastern provinces, 22 percent in central-eastern Anatolia and 18 percent in the northeast.

I would like to see Turkey, along with many other countries, move towards gender equality and full marriage equality.
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