Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Benefits of Polygamy

On Health Answers, I found “13 Reasons Why Polygamy Would Be Beneficial To Human Society.” It appears to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I wanted to take a look at it.

There would be much lower numbers of single, frustrated and lonely men and women in society : Women sharing the husband and men having to not compete over women anymore.

I do believe that there would be at least some reduction in the number of frustrated/lonely singles and some reduction in the rates of cheating and in the rates of divorce. “Much lower” might not be the right description, because it hinges on people agreeing to be polygamous, and for a lot of people, that is not something they’ve been conditioned to consciously choose.

No more parent less homes : More and more households would have a father and mother in the home with the children.

Again, there would be some reduction, but there would still be some homes with just one parent.

Wealth and Value increase exponentially : If you have a household with 3 or 4 adults all making some money. They could
A. Bring in more income
B. Displace all their debts/liabilties and
C. Save extra money for supplies, vacations, savings etc.


Peoples mentality changes for the better : People generally will become more mature, more giving, more caring and more responsible.

Some poly people report this effect.

There were some responses.


Ok, here’s the biggest question. Why? Why would a woman, or women, choose to be with a man who has to share his time, income, everything, with other women?

Some women do prefer “sharing” a certain kind of husband over monogamy with another kind, or being unmarried. Let them have this choice.

One person wrote…

I have no problem with a man having multiple wives, but a woman having multiple husbands is IMMORAL and WRONG!

You can hold that belief, but both men and women should have the same freedom to marry.

There were the typical bigoted objections that assume women are incapable of making choices and any man who doesn’t have a wife all too himself will turn genocidal. Astounding.
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  1. You can hold that belief, but both men and women should have the same freedom to marry.
    I agree with this statement. I told my husband, if he brings home wife number 2 because he doesnt actually need my permission - I will go out and do the same. The thought of this made him sick to his stomach. So if this is their reaction to us being with other men.....why should our fears and pains and concerns not be heeded? why dont what we feel matter? Needless to say - he didnt believe I had it in me to do this so he brought home wife number 2 with a huge smile on his face and all his family and friends celebrated with him. This hurt my heart...I felt horrible and humiliated and deceived. So I started divorce proceedings against him which shocked everyone and to add insult to injury - I accepted a marriage proposal from his boss. Hell hath no fury like a woman we will see if he has a job to support wife number 2 and all the family members who thought it cute that he had married another woman under my nose after i was the one who put him through school and varsity - birthed his children and put my dreams on hold to make sure he could attain his.
    To my mind - he discarded me like an old use cloth and when I'm sitting in the director chair he will be too old for my business. Now he wants to "be friends" really? i served him with all I had - he will pay with all he has and more.

  2. Women werent created that way. Just because one does or can do something doesn't make it right. Thought and actions make marriage more contractual and based on convenience and comfort rather than covenant and commitment. But I guess thats what makes man God and women men. Huh?

  3. In accordance with the Laws of Nature, Man may be fruitful and multiply, father of many nations and since the Woman was created for man, Man having multiple wives makes sense, however, if a woman was to have any sexual relations with multiple men only questions the Fatherhood/Manhood of her pregnancies. Unless of course she's barren. She is the receiver and bearer of Life, the Soil, The Earth, in which God's Seeds Of Life are Created, Made, Planted, Sown and Grown. The reflection of the Man whom attracts her the most just like the moon is a reflection of the Sun and There are No two Sun's in the universe.


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