Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Solidarity at the Empty Closet

Bryan90, a gay male, asked for opinions on consanguineous sex and love.

If you know someone (this means that if you don't want to disclose your own identity, you can just say you 'know someone') who wants to have a romantic or sexual relationship with his/her siblings (same-sex or opposite-sex) would you be able to share your story?

Black Cat, a gay male, wrote…

My step-dad and his sister are awful close if you catch my drift. Based solely on the way they interact, and the fact that they almost worship one another, as well as some stories we've heard from other people, they've been involved once or twice.

A couple of people brought up cocerns with being open and honest about something that is criminal in many places. Bryan90 wrote…

wow, I never knew that having a relationship would be illegal - i always thought it was the marriage that was illegal.

Yes, unfortunately, it is illegal in many places (this discussion consists mostly of Canadians and Americans) for people to have consensual sex just because they are close biological or legal relatives. This needs to be changed.

djt820, a gay male, wrote…

Incest is fine. Never had any experience considering I don't have any siblings and I don't see my cousins at all. As long as both parties can consent, its fine.


Beachboi92, a gay male, wrote…

While i personally am iffy on the idea of dating blood-relatives (while not so much non-blood relatives) i'm still also the kind to say whatever makes you happy, no ones getting hurt and it's two consensual adults so if you where to argue it there really isn't an issue. I mean honestly there isn't much of a moral reason to say incestuous relationships are bad.

All through history people have been involved within their own families, i'm sure it happens in the animal kingdom, and hell even the bible leaves no option but incest for how people came to exist so go bananas xD


Maverick, who identifies as a bisexual “transgender boi” wrote…

Any sexual act between consensual adults is fine with me, but the only in-family infatuation I've ever had is on my adopted brother, and it passed pretty quickly after he was introduced into our family as an older teenager. Also, I never would have acted on it, not then and especially not now.

I'm pretty sure my cousin was fooling around with her stepbrother when her mom got remarried and they moved in together. But I don't consider sexual/romantic relationships involving adopted siblings and step-siblings to really be that weird...after all, you're not really related.


Darkwing65, a “bisexualish” male, wrote…

Love and lust are boundless offenders. Reason will guide us and passion will drive us. I think as long as no one is coerced or harmed in any way, go for it. Love is maniacally beautiful like that.

It’s nice to see solidarity from the G and B males for the rights of consenting adults to consanguineous love, sex, and marriage. People who have had or want consanguineous relationships should likewise show solidatiry for LGBT rights (as many do).
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