Friday, January 7, 2011

Bigot Testifies in Canadian Poly Trial

It is surprising that people are willing to go on the record and make such claims.

Canada has obligations under international human rights law to uphold its current rules prohibiting polygamy, a University of Toronto law professor charged Thursday, calling the practice "inherently wrong.

These people never seem to be able to explain how exactly it is wrong for grown people to make their own marital decisions.

"The patriarchal structure allowing men to take multiple wives offends women's dignity," Dr. Rebecca Cook told a B.C. Supreme Court tasked with determining the constitutionality of Canada's anti-polygamy law.

The women in these POLYGYNOUS marriages disagree. It is a nice try, though. Some have made the same accusation about heterosexual monogamous marriage, too. Why are they wrong and this accusation right? We support FULL marriage equality, allowing people, regardless of gender, to marry the consenting person or persons they choose to marry. Polygyny is only one of many possibilities someone can choose.

"The purpose of international human rights law is to protect and promote the dignity of the individual."

It is not very dignifying to try to make criminals out of them for their harmless marital choices.

Cook, who was called as a witness for the attorney-general of Canada, also testified the trend among nations around the world is to ban the practice of multiple marriages.

There has been a recent trend in the US to ban same-sex marriage, too. Go ahead and check. Most of the laws banning same-sex marriage were passed in the last fifteen years or so. Should Canada ban same-sex marriage? Canada should stand up for the freedom to marry regardless of what other countries are doing.

Cook identified a number of harms to woman that are associated with polygamy, including increased risk of physical violence and increased exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV.

Are you kidding me? Does anyone really believe HIV is spreading like wildfire in FLDS communities? Is she talking about Africa??? In Africa or anywhere else, you can get 100 people having sex together and none of them will get HIV if none of them was HIV positive before. Polygamy doesn't spread HIV. Unprotected sex with an infected person might. Concerned about HIV? Promote testing and safe sex... and marriage, instead of discouraging marriage. As far as domestic violence, that is already illegal.

People should be ashamed to spew such bigotry. And don't talk to me about "international human rights law" as long as international organizations ignore killings and rapes (especially of LGBT people), slavery, and environmental pillaging. Seems to me that three people being in a loving marriage in Canada would hardly be something to be worried about.
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