Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bad Sixties Childhood

In the Canadian poly trial, Brenda Jensen said that she had a bad childhood in Bountiful and in a community along the Arizona-Utah border. (See this and this.) This is meant to show that Canadians should be denied the polygamous freedom of marriage. Why? Because her parents were polygynists, which means they practiced a form of polygyny.

I wonder what her family had for breakfast? Maybe whatever they had for breakfast should be banned.

My point is, a problematic family or a problematic community or sect that also practices polygyny is not a reason to deny all adults their right to choose to have more than one spouse.

Many people tell of horrible childhoods they had in monogamous homes. Hold individuals accountable for what they do. Unless you can demonstrate an inherent, direct, causal connection, don’t blame polygamy in general for the bad actions of an individual or a group.

Brenda Jensen left the group in 1968, according to the articles. Her testimony might be useful for historical purposes, but it can’t be considered reliable about what is going on today.

I think child abusers should be dealt with severely, but I don’t believe denying everyone marriage equality helps anyone, child or adult, other than bigots who want a smug sense of control over others.
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