Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dark Daughta on Polyamory

Dark Daughta writes that “It's actually quite hilarious being a polyamorist with radical feminist politics...” She has an introduction to an extensive essay espousing her theory.

I like sex and sleep with men. I've got two male partners. I engage with them on the daily about the issues they've brought to this relationship to mix with mine. I ask them questions about their privilege as men and about the space this affords them to behave in particular ways and still be constructed as, seen as absolutely perfect poly men.

She makes it clear that…

I'm not here to be accessed no strings attached by roving, wandering, lost, potentially addicted men who do not know how to see wimmin as anything but passageways to lost self esteem, lost personal power, lost sense of feeling attractive.

She is not lacking opinion or passion in her words. Be warned that she does not shy away from using the “f---“ word, if that bothers you.
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  1. It's not my theory. :) What I blogged was that I'd like for there to be much more complex analysis surrounding poly. Just more layeredness, especially when/where it comes to interactions between men and wimmin polyamorists in love and/or in lust.

  2. Thanks for commenting and clarifying. Feel free to comment on anything here.


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