Wednesday, January 19, 2011

False Assumptions About Poly People

It’s always nice to see the allies pop up in discussions prompted by questions like “How do you feel about polyamorous relationships?” More people participating take the attitude like this one…

I think you should be able to date as many people as you want as long as they're all aware and consenting of each other. I think it's just as wrong to hate someone for being gay, straight, pan-sexual, a-sexual, etc.

Tony D…

As long as you are up front and honest about what you are doing, people should be able to do as they we please. We are all consenting adults :D

But then there are attitudes like this one…

That COMPLETELY defies the reason for a relationship in the first place.

Ridiculous assertions like this are stated without any explanation. Many poly people have great relationships, so how can polyamory defy the reason for a relationship? Having more of something defeats the purpose?

Someone else wrote…

Plus, if you're not sexually nor emotionally satisfied with just one person, then I think it's perhaps time to re-evaluate what you want in a relationship to begin with.

It is insulting to assume poly people haven’t thought much about what they want in a relationship. Most have thought about it more than others.


I believe it is wrong and if you can't be happy with just one then you don't really love them.

So I guess Lynn will only be having one child? Other people wrote it wasn’t for them, but they understand it might be for others. But bigots will dismiss it outright and insist something is wrong with people who find happiness this way.
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  2. I will definitely check it out, and if it looks like a good fit, I will add you within the next day. My blog needs a link to a blog as you discribe.

  3. I love comments like "up front and honest" and "as long as they're all aware and consenting". This concept is the cornerstone of all great relationships. Of course an enormous supply of Love and Respect doesn't hurt either.


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