Do any of these statements describe you or someone you love?
  • I am afraid of people becoming aware of my gender, sexual orientation, attractions, relationship(s), or sexual experiences.
  • I am attracted to someone, a few, some, or only people of my gender.
  • I am in or want a same-gender relationship or marriage.
  • I am gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, curious, or heteroflexible.
  • I feel like a different gender than what I appear to be to most people.
  • I am transgender, intersex, or androgynous.
  • I don’t fit into a “traditional” gender role or the role other people think I should have.
  • I do not want to ever get married.
  • I do not want close relationships, only casual ones.
  • I enjoy casual sex at least on occasion.
  • I/we enjoy swinging.
  • I/we enjoy swapping.
  • I/we enjoy threesomes.
  • I/we enjoy group sex.
  • I/we are polygamous or want a polygamous marriage.
  • I am polyamorous.
  • I am in or want a polyamorous relationship.
  • I am seeing a polyamorous person.
  • I/we have or want an open relationship/marriage.
  • I am attracted to or want to have sex with a family member or close relative (an in-law, step-relation, adopted relation, half-blood relative, full-blood relative, cousin).
  • I am in a sexual relationship with or want a sexual relationship with a family member or close relative.
  • I want to marry a family member or close relative, or have our existing marriage legally recognized.
  • I have experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction or a strong attraction to a close genetic relative I was not raised with or I didn’t raise or who didn’t raise me.
  • I am in or want a consensual incestuous relationship with another adult.
If so, this blog exists for you. This blog exists to promote rights for all adults regardless of their gender, orientation, sexual, or relationship diversities.

You need to know:
  • You are not alone.
  • Your feelings, your experiences, and what you want are not necessarily wrong or impossible.
  • You have a future. It gets better. You can have a great life!
  • Change is happening, and you can help it happen faster.
This is especially important for young people to know. The focus of this blog is adults and it is written with adults in mind, but the issues of this blog can exist in someone’s life whether they are 80 years old or still a teenager living at home. It is especially important to young people who are still dealing with puberty and just starting to discover their sexuality, even more so if they are living with overwhelmed, oblivious, ignorant, prejudiced, or sex-negative parents, to be reassured in who they are, how they feel, and what they’re experiencing. We are bombarded with so many conflicting and ignorant messages about our bodies, our sexuality, and our relationships. Education, awareness, and understanding are important to clear away the negative, confining, and destructive influences.

Not everyone is going to want to accept who you are or who you love or how you love. That’s okay, as long as they don’t try to control you. Sexual, relationship, and marriage rights are arriving for all adults, and as that happens, anyone who hates you or is prejudiced against you will have less and less ability to hurt you. That is why this blog exists; we promote relationship rights, including full marriage equality.

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  1. I belong to this category: I am attracted to a very close family member - my older sister. We are both in our 40s and I don't know how to talk to her about it. We are the only ones in the family, just the two of us.

    1. Welcome. Feel free to contact me via email or on Facebook.

  2. Family with benefits in Danger
    Im an Indian middle aged software professional. My wife n i share a great marriage. We are sex positive. N have a fair share of sexual experimentation and activities.
    We have two teens. We all are intimate. But the kids never had sex yet. Indian society n laws are tougher to deal with. N we are afraid.
    Should we migrate to US?
    Are there options?
    Will it help?

    1. I'm assuming you are not talking about abusing or preying on underage children. From what I understand, India has no laws against consensual sex between family members. However, if you find your family can't live there in peace, you might want to look into moving to Spain.

  3. I'm 15 and have had a crush on my sister (2 years younger) since I was 10. I wan't to tell her but we don't get along very well. In fact we get along worse than most siblings. We got along extremely well for a while when I was 12 but it's gotten progressively worse since. :'(

    1. Thanks for sharing that. You are both still very young. You are not alone in your feelings.

  4. Is there any gsa organzation?

    1. I don't know of any public supportive GSA organization. There is a Yahoo Group and there are a couple of other online venues. Contact me via email at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or private message at and I can help you out.

  5. My mother and I began a sexual relationship when I was 28 and she was 49. It began with a visit home for Thanksgiving when my step father was dying of cancer. From the moment I stepped off the plane, my mother was hugging, kissing me (pecks on the lips), and left the airport terminal with her arm in mine.
    That very evening she exposed herself to me as casually as she could giving me the worst case of blue balls I've ever had in my life. When I left to sleep downstairs and she embraced me in a hug my erection pressed against her firmly. I was certain she felt my excitement, but she didn't seem to mind in the least and just held me close to her.
    That night, my mother appeared at my bedside in tears pouring her heart out about losing my step father and being alone. As I comforted her in my arms, she asked me if she was attractive and I told her she was beautiful in wide and out. It was then told me if she didn't get some sexual satisfaction she felt like she was going to go insane, and it was then she asked me if I would have sex with her.
    What happened between us that night was nothing short of magic. My mother had me empty myself inside her completely and we spent some time laying together in the dark connected by our sexes discussing the earth moving experience we had shared.
    For the duration of my visit we had sex regularly, and by the time I had to return home, she asked me to move home. By then, it was obvious to us both we didn't want what happened between us to end so I moved home and we continued to be together for nearly five years.

    1. Anonymous, thanks for sharing that. I would like to talk with you more about this. Please contact me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com

  6. afraid of people becoming aware of my gender, sexual orientation, attractions, relationship(s), or sexual experiences? nobody should be afraid of this.

  7. I thank you for this blog. As I am in a consang relationship, with my half brother. We have had issues along the way. He was put up for adoption at birth. I never knew he existed until I was 21, when he located our mother. Our attraction started immediately. We did what we could to fight it. Now some 19 years later, we have fully embraced us and our love for one another. Our story is full of ups and downs, as I am sure many are. We are at the point now that we have to "act" like siblings when we are around family, we are finding it harder to do so as time passes and our relationship grow.
    I have enjoyed reading through this blog and will most certainly pass it on to my other half. Knowing we are not freaks and not alone is very comforting. Some day we hope that our laws will change so we can live as a couple, just like everyone else.


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